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Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

  • SBWI Classroom Upstairs 2300 N. Adrian Hwy Adrian MI 49221 (map)
Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival in Michigan

The Great Lakes Woodworking Festival and Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute are proud to announce to addition of a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event to the 3rd annual festival schedule.

Each year, Lie-Nielsen visits venues across the US and sets up shop for two days. They bring their full line of hand tools and demonstrate essential hand tool techniques for everyday woodworking useful to both professionals and amateurs. Events are hands-on: they encourage customers to try the tools, ask questions, and experience how woodworking with hand tools is rewarding, quiet, and surprisingly efficient.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Just like the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival, this Lie-Nielsen Tool Event is free, open to the public and does not require registration. Attendees are eligible for free shipping on orders placed at the Event (excluding Workbenches, Sharpening Stations, Vise Hardware, and Dovetail Vises).

The Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events are designed to maximize the customer’s educational experience. Customers are brought into real professional woodworking & manufacturing environments and get their hands on our full range of tools. They focus on helping our customers learn to use hand tools effectively and make tool choices that will best suit their work -- without any sales pitch or pressure to buy anything.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event - Free to Attend

“We started these Hand Tool Events to expose more woodworkers to the improvements in quality,environment, and enjoyment that hand tool work can offer. Over the past decade, we’ve seen their popularity explode with new and experienced woodworkers alike. Incorporating traditional tools and methods can offer even die-hard machinery users ways to bring their work to the next level. The fact that our tools don’t require earplugs or respirators just adds to the appeal.”

- Thomas Lie-Nielsen