2018 Featured ArtISANS

** 2019 Woodworker Line Up Coming Soon!**


The Goal of the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival is simple. We want to showcase all the great woodworking talent in the Great Lakes region. We believe there is a shift happening in consumer habits. People are choosing to buy handmade goods from the local craftsman. We want to make these folk aware of the artists that are right here in out area and to help forge long term relationships between artisan and buyer.


Canoe Builder

"Canoe Mike" Thomsen

Michael Thomsen of Tecumseh, Michigan, built his first canoe because he wanted a small, easily handled boat to fish from. It turned out so nice that he knew he had to build more. Michael has now retired from his day job as an electrician and devotes all of his time to building boats and paddles. Michael makes wooden canoes using the wood strip and fiberglass method. He buys the caned seats and brass hardware for the boats, but hand makes all the other components of the boats. He also makes wooden canoe and kayak paddles. Visit Thompson Boats on Facebook for more information. 


Cutting Boards & Blocks

Cole's Blocks Co.

Cole’s Blocks is a family run company from Clinton, MI with 40 years and three generations invested in the wood industry. They craft natural, quality, gorgeous curly maple live edge cutting boards, butcher block cutting boards, charcuterie boards, bread boards, serving boards and serving platters that can be used and admired for generations. Cole's Blocks uses a high temperature roasting process to enhance the curly maple logs used for each of their cutting boards, blocks, and serving boards. 

Check them out at www.facebook.com/colesblocksco/


Fine Furniture/ Woodworking Host

Chad Stanton

Hailing out of Toledo, Ohio, Chad Stanton, is the owner of  Stanton Fine Furniture, and is a Licensed Contractor, as well as a member of the Professional Remodeling Organization, Society of American Period Furniture Makers, Spokesperson for Titebond, Guest Demonstrator and Lecturer for Woodcraft, former contributing editor for American Woodworker Magazine, and former host of Popular Woodworking’s "I Can Do That" web series.

In addition to the above, Chad is the host of Wood Choppin’ Time – a comedic approach to woodworking which has reached over three million viewers to date. His committed passion to woodworking allows him to share this knowledge with people of all skill levels. He educates and encourages fans though his method of Watch, Laugh, and Learn..


Erik Blom: Wood Carver & Wood Turner


Erik Blom

Erik Blom has lived in Ann Arbor Township for over 70 years.  He started woodworking at 8 years of age, accomplished major drawings, wood and metal sculpture in high school and showed his work at the beginning of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.  He attended college for commercial, graphic arts, and photography.  He retired as a power plant engineer and has been turning wood as an art form for 10 years.  He loves what he can see and create out of a piece of wood.



Erik Florip

Erik Florip is a hobbyist woodworker turned toolmaker. He started building custom saws five years ago and now has a tool making shop near Traverse City, MI. All Erik's tools are made in house from raw material. Erik will be showing handsaws and layout tools at the GLWF. For more information, visit FloripToolworks.com


Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild

The Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild is a group of woodworkers from the greater Lansing, MI area with the mission to promote understanding, appreciation, and skill development in woodworking for all individuals and organizations. They have been a club for over 30 years and have approximately 100 members. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday each month at the Dewitt Memorial Building at 206 W. Washington St, Dewitt, MI. Visit www.mmwg.org or www.facebook.com/MidMichiganWoodworkersGuild for more information.    

Patrick Estes: Knife Maker and Leatherworker

WOODEN RINGS, Forged Knives & Leather Sheaths

Patrick Estes

Patrick Estes is a local knife-maker, leather-worker, woodworker and instructor at the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute. His hand forged knives are as beautiful as they are sharp, and complimented by sculpted wooden handles and custom leather sheaths. Patrick will also be showing his custom inlay wooden rings. He loves his craft, and welcomes custom orders. 

Email Patrick at knifecraft17@gmail.com for more information.  

Steve Durren - Gunsmith & Custom Rifles


Steven Durren

Steven Durren has been making things with his hands as long as he can remember. He has a formal education in gunsmithing and spent many years working in machine shops and enjoying various forms of woodworking. 20 years ago, he turned to his true passion, gunsmithing, full time. He now spends most of his work hours (and off work hours) building fine custom rifles.

He feels the highlight of his career was when he was accepted as a Professional member in the American Custom Gunmaker’s Guild as both a Metalsmith and Stockmaker. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Guild.

Steven will be displaying examples of his work and will be demonstrating some of the techniques used to create a high-end custom stock.

Tiber Art - Lonnie Glines, live chainsaw carving at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Chainsaw Carving

Timber Art - Lonnie Glines

Chainsaw carver Lonnie Glines is coming in from Harrison, MI. Lonnie is a former equipment rep, who was in search of a carver for fair and customer open houses. The carver he hired became a good friend and mentor, who taught him the art of chainsaw carving for 8 years before he passed away. Lonnie will be doing live chainsaw carving throughout the day of the festival. Stop by his booth and check it out!  


Timber Art by Lonnie Glines at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival
Tecumseh Wood Works at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Tecumseh Wood Works

Walt Harvey

Walt Harvey of Tecumseh Wood Works makes custom millwork and mouldings , and builds custom products and offers smaller items for sale in their showroom in Tecumseh, MI. Check out their booth for unique custom blocks and beautiful slab pieces.

Grandpa Arnie's Creations

Scroll Saw Toys & Puzzles

Grandpa Arnie's Creations

Welcome Grandpa Arnie Short from Wauseon, OH!

"Hello everyone my name is Arnie Short. I am the Creator and Owner of Grandpa Arnie's Creations. How did this all start? Well many years ago when my children were little I started making items for them as a hobby. Then next thing you know the grandkids were here, and I continued to make items for them all. Now that I'm retired I have even more time for my hobby. I enjoy to watch the faces of my kids, grandkids, and others when they see the items for the first time. It's even more joy to sit back and watch my grandkids play with my creations. I hope ALL of you come out to the 2nd Annual Great Lakes Woodworking Festival to see all the creations I will have for sale." 

Cletus Brooks, Wood Turner from Onsted, MI

Hand Crafted Wood Items

Irish Hills Enterprises - Cletus Brooks

Welcome back Cletus Brooks from Onsted, MI. Cletus is a jack of all trades but specializes in hand-turned pens. Stop by his booth to check out high quality, slimline, brass pens with hand-turned wooden shells and stylus ends. He utilizes a variety of woods including spalted maple, silk oak, walnut or other beautiful US hardwoods. Cletus is also an avid CB radio enthusiast. Check out his website at www.irishhillsent.com



Wooden Maps

Blue Dot Maps - Ahmed Alhomaidawy

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Blue Dot Maps creates decorative 3D wooden terrain maps and 2D engraved street maps with attention to accuracy and artistry. Committed to environmental responsibility, maps are handmade using sustainably sourced hardwood. 

Locally milled hardwood lumber is assembled into usable dimensional wood. All maps are original cartographic designs made with a CNC router and/or laser engraver. Maps are then hand sanded and finished with shellac. Every step of production is in-housed, from the selection and preparation of the wood to the original cartographic designs. They also make custom terrain coffee tables. 
For more information visit https://bluedotmaps.com/

Rory Bergin - Artist & Woodworker at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival


Rory Bergin

"I've always had a project going in my garage, whether it was for my family or a new interest. About 5 years ago I started chainsaw wood carving which turned into so many Indian heads my relatives all have one.

Shortly after that I added spray paint art creations. The stars, moons and sunsets never looked so good. Each one sprayed had a different result especially on how individuals interpreted them. This continues on today.

2 years ago while walking up the Sterling State Park in Monroe I found a piece of driftwood that "talked" to me and told me what I had to do with it. This year I have a garage full of very unique pieces that will be changed into very attractive pieces of art.

Now for the year of fractal wood burning! Each piece is different from the last and I love producing them and again each is open to individual interpretation. Plus once they are taken home I will never know where they will end up...man caves, fireplace mantles, etc.

Everyday is a new adventure...."


Windsor Chair Maker

Luke A. Barnett

Luke Barnett was born on May 6th, 1985 in Adrian, Michigan. Which is where he currently resides.  He is a woodworker that specializes in ultra-high quality, traditional American Windsor chairs. Luke has been selling Windsor chairs since 2011, and has been a full time chairmaker since December 2013. Luke has won awards and been featured in internationally published magazines, Including November 2014 of Popular Woodworking Magazine in which his Continuous Arm Rocker in aged mustard finish was picked for best in the seating category for 2014. “Early American Life” magazine named Luke as Top American Craftsman in the Windsor chair making field in 2015, 2016 & 2017.  Luke has had chairs on display for a traveling Smithsonian museum exhibit called “The way we work”. Luke currently works and sells chairs out of his home in Adrian, Michigan. You can follow Luke on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for updates on current project, process photos, and tips and trick for woodworkers and chairmakers.


Cale Stoker Wood Carver - Spoon Carving Demonstration


Cale Stoker & Ashleh Worden

Cale Stoker carves spoons from greenwood using an axe and knives. He does so in Adrian, MI, his hometown, and most any place else he goes because carrying an axe and knives is easy. He goes places often because he can carry his work most any place and downed, undesired, trees are enough.

Cale often collaborates with wood burning wizard, metalsmith jeweler, illustrator and traveling partner extraordinaire, Ashleh Worden, and together they create under the shop name Cave and Canopy.

Cale and Ashleh are super excited to kick it with errbody and celebrate the many ways wood, and wood culture, are augmenting our collective lives.

Spoon carving and metalsmithed jewelry
Sweedish Spoon Caving Cale Stoker
Ashleh Worden metalworking
Greg Perez.jpg


Gregorio Perez

Gregorio Perez is a Michigan native, printmaker and illustrator.  Perez portrays elements of nature through a primitive lens to reveal a sense of spirituality and harmony with the land.  The juxtaposition of spiritualized harmony versus the real world of industrialization evokes a sense of fantasy in his work, reminiscent of his childhood.  Modern fly fishing lures are portrayed like primitive gods to reflect the idolatry of the material world.  Birds, frogs, toads and insects are popular motifs.  They reflect a passion for conservation and a childlike curiosity of the natural world.  His favorite children's book illustrators include Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) and Arnold Lobel (Frog and Toad are Friends).  They remind him of the playground of his youth in the dark woods surrounding Beaver Creek in southern Michigan.  

Perez limits the use of modern technology in his creations, preferring primitive techniques which focus more on the process rather than the product.  How material is carved away in relief is more important to him than what is left behind.    

Perez graduated from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University with degrees in Industrial Design and Art.  Perez has taught adult education courses in Printmaking at Community Arts of Tecumseh (MI).  He also teaches high school courses in drawing, painting and printmaking at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lakes, MI.  

For more information, visit http://gregorio-perez.format.com/


Shaker Oval Boxes

The Home Shop - Eric Pintar

For the past thirty years John Wilson and Eric Pintar have been showing people how to make Shaker oval boxes at The Home Shop in Charlotte, MI. Classes are held at The Home Shop and around the country that give hands-on experience in this traditional craft. The wood, hardware, tools, instructional materials needed for box making are also found at The Home Shop.

Check out their website at www.shakerovalbox.com



The Woodstock LLC

Stop by and say hello to Adrian locals Jon and Tamala Richards of The Woodstock LLC. Together they bring solid wood designs and hand crafted unique styles to home decor and furnishings. Fun, creative, and clever... you're sure to find the perfect something for your home or lake house! Cutting boards, cornhole games, wall art, pet dishes, furniture, custom pieces are more!  

Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/StackOwood/


Chainsaw Carving

"Lumber" Jack Riese

A tree stump, a chain saw, a ladder and an imagination are the tools of "Lumber" Jack Riese, chainsaw artist from Massillon, Ohio. From totem poles to eagles, from unicorns to bears in a canoe, Jack takes it from concept to finished sculpture!

Jack began his chainsaw art by making totem poles from telephone poles about 40 years ago. His interest in Native American culture inspired many of his creations. His work caught interest and people began to request his work. His first creations were done by hand. With the addition of a chainsaw in his arsenal, he can complete a piece in about 2 hours.

Check out more of his work at http://lumberjackohio.com/


Rustic Wooden Furniture

Cody Grantz

Cody is from Waterford, MI and his shop is located in White Lake. He is 27 years old and has been woodworking since 2012. Cody specializes in rustic cedar furniture and home decor. Check out more of Cody's work at Cody’s Cedar Galore on facebook: www.facebook.com/codyscedargalore 


reclaimed Wood & Metal Fabrication

Iron Willy's Fabrication - William Borja

William Borja founded Iron Willy's Fabrication in 2015 in Lansing, MI. They offer several services including custom motorcycle fabrication and custom home decor. Iron Willy's Fabrication creates home decor made from new and used materials, including automotive parts and reclaimed wood. William loves everything motorcycles and working with his hands. His passion lies in giving new life to old things. For more information, visit https://www.iwfabrication.com/


John Hnath - Native American Flutes at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Native American Flutes

John Hnath

John's Native American Flute Story: "The flute simply called to me. I heard a Native American flute (NAF) once on the internet and had the inner feeling that I had to have one. I am 77 and the flute called to me just 8 years ago. One evening I listened to someone playing the NAF on YouTube and was hooked. I started searching for information about the flute on the internet, listened to a lot more on YouTube, started buying NAF CDs, got Russ Wolf's flute making book and made one. The first sound from it was, well, indescribable, soft, haunting and wonderful. I made a few more flutes, went to a drum group about 50 miles away that was having an introduction to the NAF, and was the only participant aside from the leader who was willing to play - and people closed their eyes and swayed when I played. Later the leader told me that "The flute has chosen you". I have now made over 70 wooden NAF style flutes, have taught 2 groups of children how to make and play PVC flutes, and have lead three groups of senior citizens in assembling Northern Spirits Flutes from kits. And I think I am hooked for life. The NAF is the only instrument that I have been able to play from my heart and enjoy what I am playing." John will be demonstrating how the flutes are made and playing some music on the day of the festival. 


Segmented Turnings & Novelties

Rosenberg Woodworking

Rosenberg Woodworking is located in Tecumseh, Michigan and was formed in 2016 by Mike and Tammie Rosenberg as a part time woodworking business specializing in turned segmented bowls made from mahogany and maple.  Mike has been crafting wood products for over 25 years including custom cabinets and furniture along with specialized home décor items.  The business now offers several turned items including LED lighthouses, charred oak drinking cups, exotic wood bangles, and tea light holders.  In addition to the turned items, they offer custom made sandblasted Christmas ornaments and cedar heart novelty magnets. Many of the items can be found at Michigan Wares in Tecumseh, Michigan located inside of Grey Fox Floral. For more information, visit https://squareup.com/store/rosenberg-woodworking


Great Lakes Woodworking

Grand Pine Creations - Christopher Wojnar

My name is Christopher Wojnar and this is my business, Grand Pine Creations! After going through a couple car accidents a few years back my path in life changed. Two years ago using skill, knowledge, and power tools passed down from my grandfather (Ephrum: Craftsman, Carpenter, Genius) I had an idea that led me to start this business doing something I love.. Creating art with wood! It originally started as coffee tables focused around Michigan and the Great Lakes, and has "branched" out into so many other pieces of art. I try to put my creativity and skill to good use by pushing the limits while just trying to make unique works of art that inspire. It has been growing the past year and the ideas and projects I want to do are endless. It's been a great journey so far and I am constantly finding ways to better my skills and who I am as a person meeting so many great people that are involved with the craft! My end game one day is that I can make this my full time job where percentages of my profits can be given back to helping fund restorations of the Great Lakes and this wonderful place I call home! Visit www.facebook.com/Grandpinecreations/ for more information. 

Josh Guillin - The Tasteful Woodworker

Fine Log Furniture

Josh Gillan - The Tasteful Lumberjack

 "I'm 33 years old. I spent nine years on active duty in the Army as a paratrooper with two of those years being spent in Iraq and the surrounding area. I don't know how I wound up carving logs but it has worked wonders for me. Shaping logs has, in a sense...shaped me as well. I've only been at this for about six months, but I'm excited to fine tune this craft and take it to the next level."



Tony's carvings - Tony Burroughs

Tony Burroughs, grew up in Adrian, and lives in Morenci, Michigan. "I've always been very artistic- I weld, draw and decided one to try and carve after seeing a guy carving at a show. Been chainsaw carving for 10-11 years now and love it. I carve bears, owls, Indians, eagles. Anything  a client might be interested in-i will try! I do many shows and festivals in the spring and summer. " Contact Tony for more information: 517-902-1743