Featured Woodworkers


The Goal of the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival is simple. We want to showcase all the great woodworking talent in the Great Lakes region. We believe there is a shift happening in consumer habits. People are choosing to buy handmade goods from the local craftsman. We want to make these folk aware of the artists that are right here in out area and to help forge long term relationships between artisan and buyer. If you are a woodworker who would like to participate in the festival, please click here.



Cale Stoker & Ashleh Worden

Cale Stoker carves spoons from greenwood using an axe and knives. He does so in Adrian, MI, his hometown, and most any place else he goes because carrying an axe and knives is easy. He goes places often because he can carry his work most any place and downed, undesired, trees are enough.

Cale often collaborates with wood burning wizard, metalsmith jeweler, illustrator and traveling partner extraordinaire, Ashleh Worden, and together they create under the shop name Cave and Canopy.

Cale and Ashleh are super excited to kick it with errbody and celebrate the many ways wood, and wood culture, are augmenting our collective lives.

Shaker Oval Boxes

The Home Shop - John Wilson & Eric Pintar

For the past thirty years John Wilson and Eric Pintar have been showing people how to make Shaker oval boxes at The Home Shop in Charlotte, MI. Classes are held at The Home Shop and around the country that give hands-on experience in this traditional craft. The wood, hardware, tools, instructional materials needed for box making are also found at The Home Shop.

Check out their website at www.shakerovalbox.com

Wooden Vices

Lake Erie Toolworks

Lake Erie Toolworks has been in business since July 2008 designing, building and selling the finest quality woodworking tools available.

Since one of the first tools that a woodworker should have in their shop is a sturdy and functional workbench, that's where we focused our initial development efforts, namely by designing and building the finest wooden vise screws and related components available for your workbench.  These vise screw kits, crafted from solid hard maple, are fast, smooth and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Our Moxon vises which are portable and very simple to use will allow you to cut dovetails and mortise and tenon joints anywhere, even on your kitchen table.  

Our "ClampGAUGE System" takes the guesswork out of glue-ups and allows you to achieve the perfect glue up pressure while clamping boards together.  This provides a properly glued joint which will be stronger and will last longer. For more information visit www.lakeerietoolworks.com


The Woodstock LLC

Stop by and say hello to Adrian local Jon Richards of The Woodstock LLC. He brings solid wood designs and hand crafted unique styles to home decor and furnishings. Fun, creative, and clever... you're sure to find the perfect something for your home or lake house! Cutting boards, cornhole games, wall art, pet dishes, furniture, custom pieces are more!  

Check him out at http://www.facebook.com/StackOwood/

Rustic Wooden Furniture

Cody’s Cedar Galore - Cody Grantz

Cody is joining us from Waterford, MI. He has been woodworking since 2012. “It started out by just wanting to build myself a cedar bed frame. So with the little knowledge I had at the time, I cut down some trees and got to work. After I finished my bed frame, friends started approaching me to see what else I could build. I build rustic cedar furniture and home decor. My specialty is Michigan Adirondack chairs but I love when someone comes to me with something I’ve never built before. I’m up for any challenge!” Check out more of Cody's work at Cody’s Cedar Galore on facebook: www.facebook.com/codyscedargalore 

Tiber Art - Lonnie Glines, live chainsaw carving at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Chainsaw Carving

Timber Art - Lonnie Glines

Chainsaw carver Lonnie Glines is coming in from Harrison, MI. Lonnie is a former equipment rep, who was in search of a carver for fair and customer open houses. The carver he hired became a good friend and mentor, who taught him the art of chainsaw carving for 8 years before he passed away. Lonnie will be doing live chainsaw carving throughout the day of the festival. Stop by his booth and check it out!  

Timber Art by Lonnie Glines at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival


Dave Birney - Dave’s Ukes

Dave Birney has lived most of his life in the Lansing, Michigan area. He has been an avid woodworker for close to 50 years, upon retiring from the construction industry he started building Ukuleles as gifts for friends.

“At first I felt an apprenticeship was in order so I started making ukuleles for friends and family, learning as I went. I studied books, the internet and best of all had dialog with other luthiers. I feel I learn from everyone I talk to and every instrument I examine. This learning will never end. It has grown into a business and I couldn't be happier, I get to work with unique and exotic woods everyday.” For more information visit davesukes.com

Patrick Estes: Knife Maker and Leatherworker

WOODEN RINGS, Forged Knives & Leather Sheaths

Patrick Estes

Patrick Estes is a local knife-maker, leather-worker, woodworker and instructor at the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute. His hand forged knives are as beautiful as they are sharp, and complimented by sculpted wooden handles and custom leather sheaths. Patrick will also be showing his custom inlay wooden rings. He loves his craft, and welcomes custom orders. 

Email Patrick at knifecraft17@gmail.com for more information.  

Michigan Violinmakers Association

Peter Lynch

The Michigan Violinmakers Association was established more then 40 years ago and includes makers from around the US and internationally. They hold quarterly meetings and publish a quarterly newsletter containing in depth articles of topics related to violin and bow making repair, restoration and history. Their members include some of the top makers and restorers in the United States. Although they are a professional group, they do have members who are serious armatures and enthusiasts as well and all are welcome. In addition to their meetings and newsletters, they also have an extensive lending library available to members. For more information visit www.michiganviolin.org


Rutgers Wooden Spoon and Utensil Co.

Paul Rutgers learned how to work with his hands from his Grandpa at a young age and when he became interested in duck hunting as a young man it was a natural progression to start carving duck decoys. Through duck decoys, Paul met a great group of friends and invited them over every Thursday night to carve duck decoys.

During a trip to Williamsburg, VA in 2006 Paul noticed the wooden spoons, and the idea of making them percolated. A few Christmases later, family members received his first batch of hand carved wooden spoons. They were a hit and everyone asked for more.

Today, Paul lives with his wife, Sara, in Plainwell, MI. He designs and carves spoons and utensils full-time. His two daughters, Sara and Abby, and step-sons, Kyle and Kevin, join the family business often. For more information, visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/rutgerswoodenspoon/



Tony's Carvings - Tony Burroughs

Tony Burroughs, grew up in Adrian, and lives in Morenci, Michigan. "I've always been very artistic- I weld, draw and decided one to try and carve after seeing a guy carving at a show. Been chainsaw carving for 10-11 years now and love it. I carve bears, owls, Indians, eagles. Anything  a client might be interested in-I will try! I do many shows and festivals in the spring and summer. " Contact Tony for more information: 517-902-1743


Cutter’s Corner - Stephen Pyle

Stephen Pyle was born in raised in Toledo, OH but has lived in Jasper, MI for the past 33 years. He is a retired project manager who started woodworking about 15 years ago. “I prefer to Chip carving the most but enjoy making or creating things. I started carving after my wife bought me some carving tool one Christmas.” Check out his website www.cutterscorner.net for more pictures of Stephen’s chip carved pieces.

Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild

The Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild is a group of woodworkers from the greater Lansing, MI area with the mission to promote understanding, appreciation, and skill development in woodworking for all individuals and organizations. They have been a club for over 30 years and have approximately 100 members. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday each month at the Dewitt Memorial Building at 206 W. Washington St, Dewitt, MI. Visit www.mmwg.org or www.facebook.com/MidMichiganWoodworkersGuild for more information.    

Steve Durren - Gunsmith & Custom Rifles


Steven Durren

Steven Durren has been making things with his hands as long as he can remember. He has a formal education in gunsmithing and spent many years working in machine shops and enjoying various forms of woodworking. 20 years ago, he turned to his true passion, gunsmithing, full time. He now spends most of his work hours (and off work hours) building fine custom rifles.

He feels the highlight of his career was when he was accepted as a Professional member in the American Custom Gunmaker’s Guild as both a Metalsmith and Stockmaker. He currently serves as Vice-President of the Guild.

Steven will be displaying examples of his work and will be demonstrating some of the techniques used to create a high-end custom stock.

Grandpa Arnie's Creations

Scroll Saw Toys & Puzzles

Grandpa Arnie's Creations

Welcome Grandpa Arnie Short from Wauseon, OH!

"Hello everyone my name is Arnie Short. I am the Creator and Owner of Grandpa Arnie's Creations. How did this all start? Well many years ago when my children were little I started making items for them as a hobby. Then next thing you know the grandkids were here, and I continued to make items for them all. Now that I'm retired I have even more time for my hobby. I enjoy to watch the faces of my kids, grandkids, and others when they see the items for the first time. It's even more joy to sit back and watch my grandkids play with my creations. I hope ALL of you come out to the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Woodworking Festival to see all the creations I will have for sale." 

Northfield Mandolins

Derek Smith

I'm from mid-Michigan and currently reside in Marshall. I've always banged away on, cobbled together, and rived wood for enjoyment and utility. I've slowly honed my knowledge and skills over the years while being involved with musical instrument sales, repair, and building. I am more of a jack-of-all-trades within a small team of luthiers. We combine our various skill sets to produce some truly great mandolins that we sell the all over the world. I specialize in wood purchasing and processing as well as finishing and final setup of our mandolins. For more information visit www.northfieldinstruments.com

Jimmie Johnson, Wooden Baskets Adrian MI


Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson has been woodworking since shop class in school. In the past, he made many different woodworking projects like potato boxes, wood carvings, and Adirondack chairs, but he was inspired when he first saw wooden baskets on a trip to Fenton, MI to pick up saw blades. He bought a wooden basket pattern book and set out to teach himself the craft. 3-4 weeks later he figured it out and now it’s his specialty. It takes Jimmie over 8 hrs to complete one bread basket. He says it’s something that he really enjoys and since he is retired it helps kill the time. “The trouble is when you get down to where you’re almost finished with a basket and it breaks right at the last part, then you have to start all over, that’s not fun.”

Jimmie Johnson - Wooden Baskets, Adrian MI

Exodus Painting Inc

Adam Gancarski

My name is Adam Gancarski, I have been the proud owner of Exodus Painting Inc for 23 years. Throughout my career people have constantly referred to me as an artist. In the last several years I have been using my woodworking and finishing skills, applying them in a more artistic manner. Originally from the high plains of Colorado, I relocated 4 1/2 years ago to Harbor Springs, MI looking for a change of pace and lifestyle. Settling into Michigan, I have been able to take more creative time, creating unique pieces of wood and epoxy finishes. Visit exoduspaintinginc.com for more information.


Hand Saw & Plane Tills

Dennis Paul Peterson

“I was born in Minnesota, became interested in wood working after building houses in Minnesota, and earth sheltered houses in the Mountains of Colorado. I have worked in a few cabinet shops then also worked in a large 100 Journeyman shop in Washington DC, where I did work for the Smithsonian Institute, World Bank and the Chief Executive Office of the White House. I was published in the Taunton Press Book " The Custom Furniture Resource Book" in 2001. I have also patented a tape measure holder, in 1986. I enjoy designing and making furniture for my clients and trying to fulfill there dreams and wishes, in the work I do for them. I am Danish in background and therefore enjoy the simple understated furniture that is the Danish Hallmark style. But, I will work in any style such as Arts and Craft, Prairie Style, Shaker, and also contemporary Furniture and Cabinets. My most recent new work includes, Hand Saw Tills, and Plane Tills, which are Cabinets for holding Planes and Saws, to be worked out of in the studio, or as display collector cabinets for the home or office , etc. I enjoy photography and cycling when I am not working in studio.” To see more of Dennis’s work, visit dennispaulpeterson.com

Dan Kaminski - Some Give All Art Installation at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

MILITARY tribute artist

Dan Kaminski - Some Give All

My name is Dan Kaminski. I was born and raised in northern Michigan. I'm the middle of five boys. My brothers and I grew up on a small farm and my Dad owned a sawmill. The house and the mill were divided by a small creek feeding into a huge pond with an arched bridge spanning the distance between. This bridge gave me the opportunity to drag lumber from the mill to the house, thus beginning a mass variety of creations. At the young age of five I was always asking my parents for nails, glue or a new hand saw. I started building the basics; boxes, bird houses and various other projects. As the years passed my passion for woodworking continued to grow while I tried to build anything and everything I could think of. Without ever having instructions or prints to follow my imagination ran wild. As the years continued to pass my simple boxes have turned into pieces that will last many lifetimes. Aside from my own work, I have spent many hours with my Dad and brothers building barns, pole barns and even homes. Part of my contributions were even found at the end of a welder, fabricating different parts, but my passion for woodworking continued. My dad was a very creative, patient, man and taught me everything I know. After working in the mill for a number of years I accepted a job logging the northern Michigan woods where I grew up. After 10 years I felt my time away from woodworking was far to great and decided to take a job doing remodeling and construction. Taking a pay cut and switching jobs has given me the freedom and opportunity to start my own woodworking shop. Although it serves as more of a hobby, my dream is to have a woodworking shop creating everything from furniture to cabinetry and I hope to experiment with wooden boats, musical instruments and the fine arts. I have a complete shop set up in my basement and am still creating beautiful items from a pile of lumber. You know what they say, if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life and I love woodworking in my basement just as much as I did years ago carrying lumber across the arched bridge of my childhood. For more information about Some Give All, you can contact Dan at (989) 350-0014 or kaminskiecreations@gmail.com

CanoeS & pADDLES

Mike Thomsen - Thomsen Boats

Michael Thomsen of Tecumseh, Michigan built his first canoe because he wanted a small, easily handled boat to fish from. It turned out so nice he knew he had to build more. Canoe Mike has now retired from his day job as an electrician and devotes all his time to building boats and paddles. He makes wooden canoes using the wood strip and fiberglass method. He buys the caned seats and brass hardware for the boats, but hand makes all the other components of the boat. He also makes wooden canoe and kayak paddles. Visit Thomsen Boats on Facebook for more information.

Windsor Chair Maker

Luke A. Barnett

Luke Barnett is the founder and director of the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute and the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival. He was born on May 6th, 1985 in Adrian, Michigan which is where he currently resides.  He is a woodworker that specializes in ultra-high quality, traditional American Windsor chairs. Luke has been selling Windsor chairs since 2011, but now dedicates most of his time to teaching and operating the SBWI. Luke has won awards and been featured in internationally published magazines, including November 2014 of Popular Woodworking Magazine in which his Continuous Arm Rocker in aged mustard finish was picked for best in the seating category for 2014. “Early American Life” magazine named Luke as Top American Craftsman in the Windsor chair making field in 2015, 2016 & 2017.  Luke has had chairs on display for a traveling Smithsonian museum exhibit called “The way we work”. Luke will not have a booth this year at the festival, but will be offering many demonstrations throughout both days. For more information visit www.barnettchairs.com or www.longlivewood.org


Danny Miller - Strake Studio

Organized in 2018, Strake Studio was created as my woodworking developed to be more than a hobby. I enjoy designing and building elegant designs, specifically in lighting. The natural beauty of wood and the translucent qualities of resin can combine for incredible appearance.

My vision for Strake Studio is to design luxury products and to produce them singularly or in small batches, which is determined by demand. I design for those who demand unique, high-quality luxury lighting, locally handcrafted and naturally inspiring. Visit StrakeStudio.com for more information.

reclaimed Wood & Metal Fabrication

Iron Willy's Fabrication - William Borja

William Borja founded Iron Willy's Fabrication in 2015 in Lansing, MI. They offer several services including custom motorcycle fabrication and custom home decor. Iron Willy's Fabrication creates home decor made from new and used materials, including automotive parts and reclaimed wood. William loves everything motorcycles and working with his hands. His passion lies in giving new life to old things. For more information, visit https://www.iwfabrication.com/

Segmented Turnings & Novelties

Rosenberg Woodworking

Rosenberg Woodworking is located in Tecumseh, Michigan and was formed in 2016 by Mike and Tammie Rosenberg as a part time woodworking business specializing in turned segmented bowls made from mahogany and maple.  Mike has been crafting wood products for over 25 years including custom cabinets and furniture along with specialized home décor items.  The business now offers several turned items including LED lighthouses, charred oak drinking cups, exotic wood bangles, and tea light holders.  In addition to the turned items, they offer custom made sandblasted Christmas ornaments and cedar heart novelty magnets. Many of the items can be found at Michigan Wares in Tecumseh, Michigan located inside of Grey Fox Floral. For more information, visit https://squareup.com/store/rosenberg-woodworking

Crociata Woodworking Joseph Crociata Toledo OH


Crociata Woodworking

“My father was a carpenter and craftsman when I was growing up, so I followed. We started our own woodworking shop after his heart attack, we like to challenge each other. Right now we are making boxes and cutting boards, turning on the lathe.” - Joseph Crociata from Toledo, OH


Don Hinman Woodworks

“My first woodworking project was way back in 1996 when I built a wall shelf for my wife's barn plate collection. That's when I fell in love with woodworking. Seems I've always had some kind of project underway in my shop since then. I recently moved to Adrian and acquired a bigger shop and have been very busy since. I build any number of items from desk top items to full size furniture. My goal is to produce items that are both functional and beautiful. I believe that when the wood, it's grain and color, are used to make pieces beautiful I have accomplished my goal.” To see more works from Don, check out his Facebook page Don Hinman Woodworks.

Mixed Media Wooden Art

Ryan Fitzgerald - Zingara Home Furnishings

“I started woodworking out of a room at the back of our apartment in Saginaw about 3 years ago, armed with a cheap circular saw and drill, trying to make things we needed around our place. Projects kept coming and so did my interest in the history of the craft. I developed a love for using hand tools (with some machines mixed in) to make pieces that my wife could use as canvas for her paintings. It wasn't long before we decided to set up shop to try to sell our pieces. We primarily make home decor items now and look forward to growing to be able to build many unique furniture ideas. Really, they'll get built regardless. We're pretty obsessed at this point.” Check them out at www.zingarahomefurnishings.com


Wood Creations & More

Philip Lanway

Phil became interested in laser and wood router woodworking when he attended a Maker Fair. From there, he started making 3-D puzzles and wooden clocks. Now he creates many different items. Check out his work at WoodCreations-More.com


Andrew Kimmey

Andrew is from Toledo, Ohio and primarily focuses on wood turning, although he enjoys other types of woodworking as well. He became a woodworker to be able to turn yarn-spinning tools called spindles (not what turners would automatically think of as spindles), and the turning bloomed from there and branched into other areas of woodworking. His favorite things to turn are spinning spindles, bowls, pens, bottle stoppers, chopsticks, hair pins, shawl pins, lidded boxes, rolling pins, tops, yo-yo’s, and beads for jewelry, among other things. To learn more visit www.etsy.com/shop/andrewkfiberarts


Located in Ann Arbor, Maker Works was established in 2011 to bring a focus back to making things. In their 14,000 square foot building you'll find a great selection of tools for wood, metal, textiles, plastic, jewelry, and electronics, instruction on the safe and efficient use of these tools, space to make things, and a welcoming community of interesting, creative people making things.

Whether you're an artist, engineer, inventor, student, fabricator, entrepreneur, hobbyist, or all of the above, this is a place to actively make your future. Visit them for a free tour whenever they are open—we're just north of Costco on the south side of Ann Arbor. Take safety classes on the tools you need. Start your membership for a day, month, quarter, or year. For more information visit www.maker-works.com

Jim Watkins at the Great Lakes Woodworking Festival

Hand Crafted Wood Items

Jim Watkins

Jim Watkins grew up in Sylvania and built 3 homes in Sylvania Township. When he retired he started building oak tables and stools and dovetail sewing kits and jewelry boxes. He also builds dovetailed dressers and miniature churches and houses with night lights in them and pews.


Gregorio Perez & Debi Bailey

Gregorio Perez and Debi Bailey are Quiet Heron Studios based in Tecumseh, Michigan. Gregorio Perez is a Michigan native and multi-media artist working in relief printmaking, pottery, drawing, painting, photography, wood and concrete. Debi Bailey is Michigan native who spent much her childhood climbing trees in the woods, catching frogs in the creek or building forts in the ferns. She has backgrounds in photography, painting, jewelry making, science, baking, heritage home arts and Montessori secondary education.

Quiet Heron Studio will be displaying and demonstrating woodcut printmaking at the festival. Woodcut printmaking is a technique where the image is carved into the surface of a block of wood leaving the printing parts level with the surface while removing the non-printing parts. Areas that the artist cuts away carry no ink, while characters or images at surface level carry the ink to produce the print. The block is cut along the wood grain (unlike wood engraving, where the block is cut in the end-grain).

For more information, visit https://quietheronstudio.com/

T & K Woodworks

Ken Larabell

Ken Larabell hails from La Salle, MI. He has always tinkered with woodworking, but has really gotten into it more heavily over the last few years. Ken just purchased a CNC machine and it has been getting a lot of use. Check out his work at tandkwoodworks.com

Cletus Brooks, Wood Turner from Onsted, MI


Irish Hills Enterprises - Cletus Brooks

Welcome back Cletus Brooks from Onsted, MI. Cletus is a jack of all trades but specializes in hand-turned pens. Stop by his booth to check out high quality, slimline, brass pens with hand-turned wooden shells and stylus ends. He utilizes a variety of woods including spalted maple, silk oak, walnut or other beautiful US hardwoods. Cletus is also an avid CB radio enthusiast. Check out his website at www.irishhillsent.com

Steve Laut - Live Caveman

Live Caveman

Steve Laut

Steve Laut has been involved in archery for over 60 years. He has been making arrows, bow strings, quivers, long bows and re-curve bows since 1991. He also makes many primitive artworks, specializes in flintknapping, and is an instructor at the Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute.

3a - Copy.jpg

Michigan/Ohio Woodturners

We are a local wood turning organization with about 45 members and an AAW Organization affiliate club.
We cover all areas of woodturning, but will be doing a bowl turning demonstration and hands on pen turning for the public at the festival.