The Great Lakes Woodworking Festival is always looking to collaborate with woodworkers from across our region. If you are a woodworker who would like to participate in the festival, please fill out the form below. There is no charge for woodworkers to participate in the festival. We do not provide tents or tables, but both can be rented locally from T&L Rental: (517) 263-7805. If you would like to stay locally overnight, please call Visit Lenawee for hotel accommodations (517) 263-7747. Please complete the form below then email one image of yourself and a few images of your woodworking to sambeaufordwoodshop@gmail.com

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The Great Lakes Woodworking Festival requests the right to photograph vendors during the festival. The images may be used for advertising and promotional events. Please mark YES below to acknowledge acceptance of notice. Or if not acceptable, please mark NO. Acceptance of the notice is required to participate in the festival.
Please tell us about you! Where are you from, how did you become a woodworker, what type of woodworking do you enjoy, etc....